“Strong professional self-confidence and clear learning goals” Symposium on the mobilization of students in the new semester of automotive service engineering


In order to keep abreast of the students’ ideological trends after returning to school, to help solve the difficulties encountered in their study and life, and to adapt to the normalized study and life of epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible, according to the requirements and unified deployment of the school and the college, September 14 Machinery and Automobile The Automotive Service Engineering Department of the School of Engineering held a symposium with student representatives. Ma Qihua, Dean of the Department of Automobile Service Engineering, Luo Jiao, Deputy Director, Teacher Representative Zhou Tianjun, Counselors of the Department of Automobile Service Engineering, representatives of student leaders, and student representatives attended the symposium. The symposium was held online and offline simultaneously.

The student representatives discussed their feelings, thoughts, and suggestions regarding the problems of study, scientific research, and life during the epidemic period in light of their own situation and the situation of their surrounding students. Some students also put forward suggestions for improvement on teaching arrangements, student management, logistics services and other related work after returning to school after the epidemic. The participating teachers listened carefully and gave relevant responses.

At the meeting, Mr. Ma Qihua, the head of the Department of Automobile Service Engineering, mobilized the students for the new semester. He shared the development history of the Department of Automobile Service Engineering, analyzed the employment situation of students in recent years, and encouraged the students to establish confidence in the major and study hard. Find a development direction that suits you, actively participate in various competitions in your spare time, accumulate competition experience, improve your professional ability, and lay a solid foundation for future employment and postgraduate entrance examinations. Mr. Luo Jiao, the dean of the Department of Automotive Services Engineering, combined with the recent class selections of students, hope that when students have spare time in learning, they can listen and learn more, choose more professional elective courses, improve their professional ability and enrich their after-school life.

At the beginning of the new semester, this symposium took the initiative to help the college understand the needs of the students, and also helped the students to further deepen their understanding of the profession, consciously establish their confidence in the profession, and open a new chapter for the students in the new semester.